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Session Types:

This is a one on one process between the therapist and the patient entirely focusing on their presenting problems that prevent them from achieving their social goals that they desire.

The communication dynamics set up by two individuals that have decided to create a relationship is explored. The focus is understanding how these two individuals can get their own individual needs met in their relationship while operating as a couple.

The focus of this process is to help the individuals in the family understand how they and other family members keep each other in emotional balance when dealing with stress from outside and inside the family structure.

This helps the individual to explore their own unique situation in a social enviroment that is safe. By feeling more socially connected there is less of a feeling of being isolated. As a result, the individual develops coping skills with their own issues. This will also help increase their listening skills by listening to others.

Give an Hour
This organization understands the importance of supporting our active military members. Through this organization I can provide one session a week at no cost to them.

CAMFT Mentor-Mentoree Program
It is important to support the future professionals that want to make a difference. A person that is a member of the California Association of Marriage Family Therapists (CAMFT) can take advantage of this supportive program. This program is developed for the support of future professionals and is not associated with supervision.

Both individual and group supervision is available for qualified interns. The intern's cases are reviewed in a supportive environment with the goal of helping them to become a more confident and competent professional. The areas of clinical evaluation, crisis management, treatment planning, treatment, ethics, and law are explored.

Clinical Consultation
As a member of the psychological community I realized how important it is to be supportive of other professionals. I am available to other professionals regarding questions that they might have about their own patients. I am able to be supportive to them as long as I am not able to identify who the patient is. In more specific cases, I will need a release of information signed by the patient giving me permission to talk with their therapist.

David LaBonte, M.A.
Marriage Family Therapist
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